Simulated Game Shooting


Bath Shooting Company Simulated Game Days, come to us or why not hire us and we will come to you!

Essentially Simulated Game Shooting is conducted in the same manner as one would expect of a traditional driven game shoot. The exception being that it does not involve the shooting of live quarry, instead ‘flushes’ of clay pigeons are presented to the line of waiting guns who are spaced at a safe distance apart from one another.

As with the traditional game shoot, our simulated game shooting consists of multiple drives, each one aiming to replicate a different driven game shooting scenario, such as traditional partridge or driven pheasant drives.

The clay pigeons that are used to mimic the game birds are thrown by a range of clay traps designed specifically for simulated game days. This offers a natural flowing spread of targets over a huge area. You can be assured that during our simulated game shooting days you will have the opportunity to shoot at thousands of testing clay targets for a fraction of the price of an actual game shoot.

During the day the guests are split into two teams so that while one team shoots the other team act as loaders which allows the guns to keep up with the high number of clays being presented. Once the guns in team one finish their drive they swap with the loading team who then take their turn to shoot.

Our simulated game shooting days are relaxed with a friendly atmosphere and are held at our venue on the steep slopes of Lansdown, Bath. As an alternative to the usual forms of corporate entertainment, simulated game shooting is a great way to entertain.

Would you rather shoot on your own land? See our trap hire service

If you fancy trying out simulated game shooting but don’t fancy a full or half day or are a beginner, see our simulated flush package

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Single Peg and Group Bookings Accepted. Get in touch for our current dates or check our Facebook page! 

Prices Do Not Include Cartridges
Please Let Us Know In Advance If  You Wish To Purchase Cartridges From Us

Guns should ensure they have the relevant insurance in place


Itinerary of FULL Simulated Game Shooting Standard Day

 The day begins with guests meeting at the local pub or on site to receive tea or coffee and to meet the other guests. Following this will be the drawing of pegs, a safety briefing and the guns will be split into two teams.

 After the guns have gathered their equipment we will proceed to the first drive where the guns will be shown to their pegs. Each drive will begin and end when a whistle is blown. Once the first team has finished shooting the second team will take their place and the drive will be completed again.

-The guns will then make their way to the second drive.

 After the second drive ‘elevenses’ at the shoot vehicle.

 A third and fourth drive will then be held

 After all shooting has finished lunch will be served back at the pub.

 The day is now finished; the guns are free to head home or join us in the local pub for a drink and a chance to discuss the days shooting.